Military Families

The life of a military family has many twists and turns. The constant moving, reintegration, lack of support systems (such as extended family), and lack of quality family time can be stressful on a family unit. While it can also be seen as an exciting adventure, members of military families have often claimed that they feel displaced, angry, anxious, and depressed.

In addition, military veterans can come across many different mental health conditions due to the physical and emotional trauma experienced during their call of duty. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), anger issues and addiction are some of the mental health issues veterans face. Left untreated, these issues can be life altering.

These concerns can often be addressed and resolved with the support of an experienced mental health professional. Dr. Ronit Horwitz has been helping military families and veterans work through some of their hardest challenges. She is patient, passionate and kind, and has extensive knowledge in the therapy techniques that work best to help military families and veterans live their best lives.